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By Robin Meyers

In the course of his thirty-year occupation as a parish minister and professor, Robin Meyers has inquisitive about renewing the church as an software of social switch and private transformation. during this provocative and passionate e-book, he explores the decline of the church as a group of believers and calls readers again to the church's roots as a neighborhood of resistance. moving the dialog approximately church renewal clear of theological purity and advertising thoughts that include cultural norms, and towards "embodied noncompliance" with the dominant tradition, Meyers urges a go back to the innovative spirit that marked Jesus's ministry.

Framing his dialogue round 3 poems by means of twentieth-century Polish poet Anna Kamienska, Meyers casts the character of religion as a strength that stands opposed to something and every thing that engenders demise and indignity. He demands active—sometimes even subversive—defiance of the ego's temptations, of what he phrases "the heresy of orthodoxy itself," and of an uncritical reputation of militarism and capitalism. each one bankruptcy is a poignant and pressing invitation to recuperate the Jesus stream as a liked group of Resistance.

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