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Com U N I T ▼ 3 NAME DATE 2. Complete this puzzle with Everyday Spelling Words. ACROSS DOWN 1. warmth; rise in temperature 2. This word ends with the letter c. 4. This word rhymes with amuse. ▼ 3. This word ends in -ing. 5. opposite of last 6. hot glowing particles 9. Many ______ happen in the home. 8. This word is spelled with the letter z. 10. If you have a bad fall, you might get _______ . 1 3 4. a season of the year 7. ” 4 U N I T 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 Spelling Steps 3 • Saddleback Publishing, Inc.

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 36. In the words nonstop, nonprofit, nonskid, nonsupport, and nonsense, the prefix non- means ________________________________________________ . 37. Write all the Skill-Building Words in Unit 2, Lesson 5, that have the prefix non-. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 38.

RECORD: If you missed any spelling words on the test, restudy those words using your SPELLING STEPS CHECKLIST. 5. RESTUDY: 38 Spelling Steps 3 • Saddleback Publishing, Inc. com U N I T ▼ 2 NAME DATE LESSON • 4 Prefixes ab -, ad-, and bi- ➤ Read the Everyday Spelling Words about government. U N I T EVERYDAY SPELLING WORDS political America register governor Democratic senators United States Republican president member elect board citizen election leader ▼ 2 PRETEST Before you do this lesson, have someone call out the Everyday Spelling Words and the Skill-Building Words for you to write on notebook paper.

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