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By Matthew Calkins, Mary Lou Walker

Award-winning instructor Mary Lou Walker offers 10 transparent principles to creating dialog profitable and gratifying during this informal compendium of wit and knowledge. Positing that dialog teams, or colloquies, make the appropriate social antidote in today’s tradition of tweeting and texting, she infuses every one step with priceless life-lessons to assist strengthen personality and likability whereas getting to know the paintings of attractive with others via discussion. perfect for beginning colloquies within the front room, school room, or public library, her directions contain: “don’t thieve the subject,” “probe, don’t pry,” “don’t take the bait,” and “think sooner than you speak.” via real-life examples, Mary Lou demonstrates tips to “speak effortless” with civility on all concerns from excessive forehead to low forehead, with out subject off-limits.

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This is my experience and my opinion. ” Either way, here’s the point of the rule: in some cases you may decide that an inquiry touches upon a personal matter that is too private and not open to public conversation. During a wide-ranging conversation, it is important to be aware of this border zone between the personal and the private, both for your own sake and for others’. There is no sharp demarcation. You have to decide what to withhold and how hard to push, if at all. This is why there is tension between good manners and necessary provocation.

But friends remain friends, however misplaced their team loyalties. ” And so on. Granted, given enough alcohol and testosterone (or envy and estrogen, to be fair to the female fanatics among us), any conversation can become 50 D I S C U S S , D O N ’ T D E B AT E combative, but it’s far better (and more fun) to maintain a sense of perspective. Life is not a game, though play is an important part of life, and not taking ourselves too seriously is something akin to the virtue of humility. Politics and religion can and do involve matters of life and death.

This is wonderful, but difficult to do well, and poses a danger to the flow of conversation. Remember the point in rule number one that conversations are not a form of performance art? What is best in a conversation, as distinct from catching up with friends, or entertaining at a party, is the focus on a subject, 27 SPEAK EASY and the participation of many voices in viewing that subject from various angles. Finally, a great benefit of avoiding “I” statements is that by doing so you are forced to think before you speak.

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