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Книга Soviet strive against airplane of the second one international conflict. Vol.2: Twin-Engined... Soviet wrestle airplane of the second one international conflict. Vol.2: Twin-Engined combatants, assault airplane and Bombers Книги Вооружение Автор: Y.Gordon, D.Khazanov, A.Medved Год издания: 1999 Формат: pdf Издат.:Midland Страниц: 177 Размер: 88.83 ISBN: 1857800842 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Arranged through designers, this moment installment of a two-volume set comprises the plane of such well-known names as Ilyushin, Petlyakov, and Tupolev, in addition to lesser-known varieties. In getting ready this quantity, the authors combed untapped information within the Soviet Union to discover a wealth of knowledge that rewrites longheld Western ideals.

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Two views of the twin-engined Ta-3 fighter prototype. 39 Ot 9-0)(0 o J\OtlIVl TUPOLEV Tupolev In 1944 the Andrei Tupolev OKB developed the Skorostnoi Dnyevnoi Bombardirovsshchik (SOB fast day bomber) with the inhouse designation '63'; this is described in detail in the bomber section of this book). Tu-1 ('63P') Using the second SOB prototype as a basis, the Tu-1 ('63P') twin-engined interceptor and long range escort fighter was evolved. Development was initiated during the war and was completed after the war's end.

Externally, the TIS(MA) differed from the TIS(A) by its protruding gun barrels. 43, under the guidance ofVsevolod Tairov. Everything in its design was directed at two main goals; high speed and heavy offensive fire. The OKO defined the role of the aircraft as escort fighter and attack aircraft for the destruction of armoured forces. Its high speed was achieved by the use of two Tumanskii M-88s, rated 1,000hp (746kW) at 24,700ft (7,550m) the second limit of the engine's altitude capability - and by keeping the aircraft as small as possible, with the minimum cross section and a streamlined configuration.

The most skilled pilots performed another important task, escorting government aircraft, and carried out 95 escort flights during three months in 1941. Winter came early in 1941, and the flights were often made in difficult weather conditions. On 21 st November Major Lukin, leading six Pe-3s, was escorting a C-47 carrying Marshal Semyon Timoshenko and Nikita Khruschev (Soviet premier 1958-1964), who was then a member of the Political Bureau of the VKP Central Committee. Owing to the thick cloud cover the aeroplanes were flying in a tight formation.

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