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This ebook presents a swift creation to themes in graph conception regularly coated in a graduate path. the writer units out the most contemporary ends up in numerous parts of present examine in graph conception. subject matters lined comprise edge-colourings, symmetries of graphs, packing of graphs, and computational complexity. Professor Yap is ready to lead the reader to the vanguard of study and to explain a few of the open difficulties within the box. the alternative of fabric awarded has arisen from classes given on the nationwide college of Singapore and every bankruptcy includes a variety of examples and workouts for the reader.

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This contradiction proves the necessity. 4 or 2n - 4. Proof. Suppose G is a regular graph of order 2n and deg G = 2n - 3 Let deg G > 2 [n21] - 1 Suppose deg G - 2n - 3. Then G is 1-factorizable. Let w c V(G). Then the graph G - w has only two major vertices and thus by VAL, G - w is of class I. 1, G is 1-factorizable. Suppose deg G = 2n - 4. implies that n > 4. valency A(G) > 4. 1, G is 1-factorizable. 8 1. Let G be the graph obtained from two copies of K2m+1, where m > 2, by deleting one edge (say albl and a2b2) from each, and joining them by the two edges ala2 and blb2.

Combining these two inequalities, we have nA = 3 and Since the valency-list of G has been shown to be 6n-3A3, G is obtained from KA+1 by deleting an almost 1-factor. Conversely, if G is obtained from KA+1 by deleting an almost 1-factor, then e(G) > A[Z] and G is of class 2. If G is not critical, then G has a A-critical subgraph H of size less than 3 > A - 6(H) + 2. A + 1. Hence 6(H) = A - 1. A2 + 1. By VAL, 2 It is clear that IHI = IGI = But we have proved that the size of such a critical graph is 2 A2 + 1 which yields a contradiction.

Being prompted by these results, Jakobsen [74] made the following conjecture. Critical Graph Conjecture : There are no critical graphs of even order. ) 2. M. K. 4. 10. 11 34 3. 4. 11 (quoted from Chetwynd and Wilson [83]). 4. 9. However, A-critical graphs of even order for A > 5 are still awaiting construction. 5. Col'dberg [77] has proved that if G is a A-critical multigraph with x'(G) > S (9A + 6), then G is of odd order. This led him to formulate the following new conjecture. Conjecture (Gol'dberg) There exists a constant k > 2 such that every A-critical multigraph with at most kA vertices is of odd order.

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