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By Gregg B. Fields (Eds.)

The seriously acclaimed laboratory normal for greater than 40 years, Methods in Enzymology is among the such a lot hugely revered courses within the box of biochemistry. in view that 1955, each one volumehas been eagerly awaited, often consulted, and praised via researchers and reviewers alike. greater than 275 volumes were released (all of them nonetheless in print) and masses of the cloth is correct even today-truly a vital ebook for researchers in all fields of existence sciences.

Key Features
* Solid-phase peptide synthesis
* functions of peptides for structural and organic studies
* Characterization of man-made peptides

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Extra info for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis

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B. H. Kent, 18 M. Schnolzer, A. Jones, P. J9 R. Knorr, A. Trzeciak, W. 2 and 8. J. P. T a m , and R. B. Merrifield, Anal. Biochem. 117, 147 (1981). F. Alewood, and S. B. H. Kent, A n a l Biochem. 204, 335 (1992). Bannwarth, and D. Gillessen, Tetrahedron Lett. 30, 1927 (1989). [2] RAPID S P P S USING in Situ NEUTRALIZATION Boc-NHCHRCO~ 17 O 1. Deprotect: CF3COOH 2. DMF flow wash CF3COO-. + N H 3 _ C H R C ~ O 1. Couple: Boc-AA-OH/HBTU / DIEA 2. DMF flow wash Boc-AA - NHCHRCO ~ t ~ FIG. 2. In situ neutralization SPPS.

5%) could be attained after 10 min. 1 400 I. 8 Flo. 8. HPLC and MS (inset) of the crude cleavage product from the synthesis of ACP(6574) using HATU activation chemistry. 22 METHODS FOR SOLID-PHASE ASSEMBLY OF PEPTIDES [2] min couplings were maintained, with the exception of coupling Gin to Ala where double coupling was clearly necessary. Machine-Assisted /n S i t u Neutralization Peptide S y n t h e s i s The manual in situ neutralization synthesis protocols have been adapted for machine-assisted synthesis on the Applied Biosystems (ABI, Foster City, CA) 430A peptide synthesizer from peptide synthesis cycles previously reported.

Protocol 2 differs from 1 only in that the amino acid is added to the resin prior to its activation. Both chain assemblies are performed on the same resin (Boc-Val-OCHz-Pam) with coupling yields being determined by the quantitative ninydrin test. a7 1. Neutral Protocol: Five equivalents of Fmoc-amino acid are preactivated in DMF using HBTU and DIEA (6 equivalents) as described earlier. 5 M) is then added to the resin-bound amine. 2. 5 M solution (5 equivalents) of Fmoc-amino acid/HBTU ( l / l ) in DMF is added to the resin-bound amine.

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