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Page 19 "I want you to be just like a wolf among your people. This will be good for you, and you are the only boy I can help like this. " With that said, the wolf came right up to the novice's feet and put his front paws on his shoulders. Nakaidoklinni stood up straight, unafraid. Slowly he put his hand in that long thick white fur. Then the wolf disappeared. In the morning, Nakaidoklinni still had wolf fur in his hand, but of the wolf tracks nothing could be seen, not even on the soft sand where he stood on his hind legs.

The herd was gathered together, and Coyote Waits began to portion out the animals in a way that he had predetermined, beginning with the mules, then the horses, and finally the cattle. The men first cut Page 21 out all the mules, and then Coyote Waits called for each man to rope the animal of his choosing. Thus the herd dwindled as the animals were led away. Because this was his third raid, Nakaidoklinni received a larger share than he had previously gotten; that day he roped one mule, three horses, and three cows for his own.

He prayed that the power of the warriors would be Page 4 strong, and that killing the Mexicans would be like killing a deer or even a rabbit; but he was careful to ask this in a humble way because boastful pride or too much confidence must be guarded against when on a raid. The lead burro raised its shaggy gray head and picked up the pace, scenting the water flowing from the spring in the rocks. Its pack jounced unevenly in response to the jerky gait. There was something strange on the last Mexican, thought Nakaidoklinni.

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