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The Luftwaffe’s maritime function ranged from anti-shipping operations and Uboat liaison and shipping tasks throughout nice expanses of open ocean, to coastal reconnaissance and short-range patrols. one of the plane kinds featured within the volumes which make up this sequence are: the Arado Ar 196A, Dornier Do 24, Blohm und Voss BV 138, Heinkel He a hundred and fifteen, Ju 88, four-engined Fw two hundred Condors and He 177s and the Do 217s utilized by KG 30/40/100. This quantity additionally contain experiences of a few of the extra attention-grabbing weaponry utilized by German bomber devices working in this sort of position, comparable to the Rheinstahl computing device 1400 X ‘Fritz X’ radio-guided bomb and the Henschel 293 rocket-driven remotely-controlled ‘stand-off’ missile used opposed to destroyers within the Mediterranean. along the photographic content material, a lot of that is formerly unpublished, and colour artistic endeavors, the books additionally contain first-hand memories from Luftwaffe pilots of the era.

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