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By Richard O'Connor

We people are inclined to get in our personal method time and time again—whether it involves no longer conversing up for ourselves, going again to undesirable romantic companions, weight-reduction plan for the umpteenth try out, or performing on any of quite a number undesirable behavior we simply can’t appear to shake. In Rewire, popular psychotherapist Richard O’Connor, PhD, unearths precisely why our undesirable behavior die so not easy. we've brains—one a considerate, awake, deliberative self, and the opposite an automated self that makes so much of our judgements with no our consciousness. utilizing new learn and data approximately how the mind works, the publication clears a route to lasting, powerful switch for behaviors that include:

  • Procrastination
  • Overeating
  • Chronic disorganization
  • Staying in undesirable situations
  • Excessive worrying
  • Risk taking
  • Passive aggression
  • Self-medication

Bringing jointly many various fields in psychology and mind technological know-how, Dr. O’Connor grants a highway map to overcoming no matter what self-destructive conduct are plaguing you, with workouts during the e-book. we will be able to rewire our brains to increase more healthy circuitry, education the automated self to make wiser judgements with no need to consider it; forget about distractions; face up to temptations; see ourselves and the realm extra truly; and interrupt our reflexive responses sooner than they get us in hassle. in the meantime, our wide awake minds might be freed to view ourselves with compassion whilst we perform self-control. by means of studying necessary abilities and habits—including mindfulness, strength of will, confronting worry, and liberating your self from senseless guilt—we can open ourselves to significantly extra profitable, effective, and satisfied lives. The publication even demystifies find out how to conquer what Dr. O’Connor calls the “undertow” (the mysterious strength that sabotages our greatest efforts while we’re simply at the fringe of victory) for long-lasting swap. supplying a invaluable science-based new paradigm for rewiring our brains, Rewire is a fresh advisor to changing into a more healthy, happier self.

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Yet because we know perfectly well what we have to do to change ourselves, and it seems so simple, we expect to overcome a lifetime of bad habits in only a few weeks. As Alcoholics Anonymous says, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Habits die hard. Each time we engage in a bad habit, we make it more likely we’ll do it again in the future. But in the same way, each time we engage in a good habit, we make it more likely that we’ll do it again. You can learn to program your own brain so that making the right choices and exercising will power comes to seem easy and natural.

None of them are difficult, but you’ll need patience and determination to stay with your practice. This will be easier because you’ll start to benefit from them right away. But then you still have the undertow to deal with. The undertow is my term for the mysterious force that sabotages our best efforts when we’re just on the edge of victory. The awful truth is that most of our efforts at self-reform, even those that meet with great initial success, will fail within two years, and send us back where we started.

They result in changes in the brain and in other systems: nervous, endocrine, digestive, and musculoskeletal. New technology keeps improving our ability to see the brain at work, so that science is very close to being able to trace the connections between thoughts and their pathways in the brain. Chronic anxiety caused by unconscious fear results in damage to the hippocampus, a part of the brain that is essential to calming us down. With enough stress, nerve cells in the hippocampus begin to shrivel up and die.

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