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By A. H. Schofield

The 1st half the booklet is a common research of homomorphisms to easy artinian jewelry; the suggestions constructed right here might be of curiosity to many algebraists. the second one part is a extra targeted learn of unique sorts of skew fields that have arisen from the paintings of P. M. Cohn and the writer. a couple of questions are settled; a model of the Jacobian conjecture at no cost algebras is proved and there are examples of skew box extensions of alternative yet finite left and correct size.

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R 0 as M, Most of the time, we shall take to be a semisimple artinian ring, and each the are the factor rings of the RA RA we shall see that under these conditions each and to RO will be a faithful RA R -ring; 0 embeds in the coproduct R. Ideally, we should like to be able to reduce all problems about the module theory of the coproduct to the module theory of the factor rings; in the case where R 0 is semisimple artinian and each Rx is a faithful R 0 23 ring we can go a long way towards doing this; in fact, most practical problems about such coproducts may be solved although the proof is often rather technical.

G. 12, we deduce that P9(Mn(S) u T2 (k) x k) k x k x k P0(Mn(S), from which it follows by Morita equivalence, that k x k-ring with a universal isomorphism between The is O x k, where M2(k), k x k are orthogonal idempotents in e2 such that Mn(S) ring with a universal isomorphism between M (S) n U is given by M2(k) x k have an S-ring, where e3 (a,b,c) -(a 0\ O b) c\ is and kxkxk to is 1 - e1 - e2, , By Morita equivalence, we . which has a universal isomorphism between T, is just e2Mn(S) M (S) n kxkxk (a,b,c) - ae1 + be2 + ce3, of this coproduct.

If each RA R is equal to provided that one is semisimple, however, the global dimension may be 0 or 1. A similar result holds for weak dimension. 2, it is an induced 30 module. 1, if M = ® M QR R. u u M each u is a submodule of a u basic module, which are projective modules. 9, it follows that the global dimension of Ru, R is the supremum of the global dimensions of the provided that one of them is not semisimple artinian. If each of them is semisimple artinian, it follows that the global dimension is at most 1.

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