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Ontrul Tenpa'i Wangchuk is looked on the time of writing (2010) because the maximum residing grasp cum pupil of Dzogchen in Tibet. His lineage is Longchen Nyingthig and he has written a couple of commentaries on very important texts of the procedure. His commentaries are very strange; they convey his impressive wisdom of the procedure and, magically, his awareness is really easy to hook up with whereas studying them. he's in actual fact a hugely complete grasp. Patrul Rinpoche wrote a small yet specifically vital statement to Garab Dorje's unique "Three strains that Strike the major issues" instructing known as characteristic of the professional excellent King. it's the most-used remark nowadays on Thorough minimize in the Longchen Nyingthig lineage yet wishes rationalization. there are many commentaries to it yet in addition they are usually brief simply because they're meant as helps for oral guide. this article is a observation to Dza Patrul's textual content yet is rare in being very lengthy and certain. It explains each note of the textual content step-by-step in order that there will be doubtless over the that means of the phrases in Dza Patrul's textual content. it really is tough to stress how infrequent it's with the intention to locate an evidence as specified and in addition as transparent as this. In Lama Tony's brain, this is often the superior observation at the 3 strains educating on hand. this is often the 1st of Ontrul Tenpa'i Wangchuk's commentaries that we have got translated although extra are at the means. if you happen to are working towards Thorough minimize and in addition these attracted to Longchen Nyingthig, those books evidently shape a collection: Dza Patrul's characteristic of the specialist excellent King textual content, Dodrupchen III's rationalization concerning the 3 strains, and this clarification by means of Tenpa'i Wangchuk. jointly, they provide a good insurance of the 3 traces instructing. additionally, the educating via Dudjom Rinpoche referred to as Alchemy of achievement varieties a very good help for them.

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Generally, mind’’s nature which has been there primordially as luminosity is called ““ground luminosity”” and that, when it has been woken up through the guru’’s foremost instructions, is called ““path luminosity””. The obscurations initially present are purified and, having been purified, the fruition becomes manifest which is called the ““fruition luminosity””. Rigpa which is inexpressible by speech and thought, one’’s own face which is empty, luminous, and stoppageless, is made manifest. Then, to stay in the state of that naked rigpa factor while letting it be itself is the holy key point, the most cherished of key points.

Immediately on being introduced, the objects that shine forth for them shine forth as the dharmata, view and meditation become a single sufficient solution, and the appearing mind is liberated over 88 King Indrabhuti was a lineage holder of the higher tantras of ancient India. He is famous for having this kind of realization because it allowed him to retain his kingdom and the world of sensory delights rather than running off to a cave and rejecting it all. 42 RELICS OF THE DHARMAKAYA the ground.

75 The first Dodrupchen Jigmey Trinley Ozer was, with Jigmey Gyalwa’’i Nyugu, one of the main disciples of Jigmey Lingpa. The third Dodrupchen, Jigmey Tennyi, was famous for his extensive writings that clarified many key points of Great Completion practice. He is quoted several times in this text, sometimes being referred to simply as ““Tennyi””. 28 RELICS OF THE DHARMAKAYA Thus, this is not something to be understood in a merely theoretical way with hearing, contemplating, and logic. Rather, you have in your own experience naked, undressed rigpa——a pristine pure emptiness that is the birthlessness of mind being groundless and rootless yet with crystal clear illumination that goes on without stoppage, a crystal clearness that blips away in vastness——and except for that there is nothing else to identify at all.

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