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By Imre Hamar

This publication is the 1st entire therapy of the Huayan tuition of East Asian Buddhism in a Western language. this college, which acquired its identify from the chinese language translation of the real Mahayana scripture, the Buddhavatam sakasutra, flourished in China in the course of the Tang dynasty (618-907) and unfold to Korea and Japan besides. The reader profits an perception into the improvement of Huayan Buddhism: The compilation of its base textual content, the Buddhavatam sakasutra, the institution of Huayan culture as a distinct type of East Asian Buddhism and its visible representations. The e-book involves 5 chapters: 1. kingdom of box, 2. The Buddhavatam. sakasutra, three. Huayan in China, four. Hwaom/ Kegon in Korea and Japan, and five. Huayan/ Hwaom/ Kegon paintings. the subsequent students contributed to this quantity: Aramaki Noritoshi, Jana Benicka, Choe Yeonshik, Bernard Faure, Frederic Girard, Imre Hamar, Huang Yi-hsun, Ishii Kosei, Kimura Kiyotaka, Charles Muller, Jan Nattier, Otake Susumu, Joerg Plassen, Wei Daoru, Dorothy Wong, Zhu Qingzhi. integrated are bibliographies of secondary resources on Huayan Buddhism in Western languages, eastern, chinese language and Korean.

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