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By George D. Garland, John R. Apel

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Published via the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Geophysical Monograph Series.


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Unfortunately, El Ninos vary from case to case, especially their impact on the regional circulation and weather. Such variations are demonstrated in Fig. 8, which shows the precipitation patterns for ten recent El Nino winters. Mentioned previously were the methods by which it is possible to specify temperature anomaly patterns from midtropospheric heights. These are stepwise multiple regression techniques called "screening," whereby predictors are determined empirically from a field (in this case, 700 mb heights over a large domain) and then translated with the developed equations into contemporary temperature anomalies for a close grid of cities.

The drastically varying degrees of retention of hydrogen and helium by the planets require that Jupiter (which retained 34 percent of its solar complement of H+He) formed before the other planets, and that the gaseous nebula was lost while the post-Jovian planets were accreting. 57 Collapse of Solar Cloud 60. 000004 414. 00000007 0. 0 Know n Low 3. Paradigms that are well-observed but not well observed can be treacherous. Problem selection, in the Hilbertian spirit of this symposium, is a further arbitrariness.

S. National Weather Service, using more conventional tools: statistical probabilities from regression equations, long-period trends, analogues, air-sea interactions, contingencies and other factors. Of course, the weights assigned to these factors vary from case to case. Important in this case were some air-sea interactions in the North Pacific, south of the Aleutians, where cold water in summer frequently leads to higher than normal pressure in the subsequent fall, and the influence of this alteration of pressure spreads downstream to North America through well-known teleconnections.

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