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Das Burnout-Syndrom: Theorie der inneren Erschöpfung. Zahlreiche Fallbeispiele. Hilfen zur Selbsthilfe

Burnout ist ein Phänomen, das in jedem Beruf und in beinahe jeder Lebenslage auftreten kann - bei Lehrern und Pflegepersonal, bei Künstlern und Entwicklungshelfern, aber auch bei Ingenieuren und Professorinnen. Burisch entwickelt als Experte für die Thematik eine umfassende Theorie des Burnout-Syndroms - die er auf sehr lebendige und mit Fallbeispielen veranschaulichte Weise darstellt.

A Living Systems Theory of Vocational Behavior and Development

The dwelling platforms idea of Vocational habit and improvement (LSVD) explains and illustrates the methods in which contributors build their paintings reports, vocational pathways and occupation styles via episodes of interplay with affordances they realize inside their contexts, and the way counseling can facilitate these approaches.

Neuroscience for Coaches: How to Use the Latest Insights for the Benefit of Your Clients

The realm of training is aggressive. businesses wish coaches who convey effects. Many training instruments and strategies at the moment are quite good proven -- yet how do they really paintings? The trainer who can solution this question credibly and convincingly is sought after. Neuroscience for Coaches equips coaches with innovative neuroscience info that may support them carry better worth to their consumers.

The Transitional Approach in Action

This quantity follows the 1st e-book within the Harold Bridger sequence, "Transitional method of Change". The chapters within the e-book conceal a variety of contributions that focus round 4 topics: transitional switch in healing groups, in operating meetings for pro improvement or education, in agency consulting with an emphasis on organizational studying, and in self reports of operating platforms in motion.

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What triggers off this kind of comment, and does i t say more about the speaker than the person of whom it is said? 24. How can we go about chan ging ourselves? 25. What idea about 'self', proposed by anyone (psychologist , poet, friend or whatever) has impressed you most? Why? 26. Your family teaches you what to think of yourself. Discuss. 27. Your job enables you to express yourself. Your job preven ts you being yours elf. Discuss. ADnotated reading Axline, Virginia M. (1971) Dibs: In search of seIL Harmondsworth: Penguin.

A more simple alternative is the Likert Scale. LIKERT SCALES: in the Likert scales statements relevant to the attitude being measured are presented to the subject who has to state on a five-point scale the extent of his agreement. Thus 'a Hitler' would score 100 on a 20-item attitude to war sc ale; 'a Ghandi' would score zero, one presumes. To make the scale less obvious, items are so written that to agree with items represents both poles of the attitude. e ranked for positive attitudes, then any subject who endorses item 10 will also endorse items 1-9 below it.

Society also prescribes very broad and pervasive roles for us as men or women, young or old, working-class or middle-class and so forth. It is not that every word of our scripts is prewritten for us, but the broad boundaries and characteristics of behaviour appropriate to each role are fairly weH understood. These sodal roles can and do conflict with personal inclinations and one way of defining maturity would be to look on it as the process whereby we give increasing expression to what we personally are, even where this conflicts with standard social expectations.

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