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By Gary Russell

It's the yr 3999. a synthetic planetoid, Micawber's global, is webhosting the Intergalactic Olympic video games, and athletes from all of the worlds within the Galactic Federatoin are arriving to participate. The health care professional (in his 8th incarnation) and Sam arrive to ascertain a few strange new medications.

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Sam ran out the church before anyone else, handfuls of rice substitute ready to chuck over the bride and groom. A couple of others followed suit - and, although none of them knew Stacy or Ssard, the fact that they were joining in with the tradition pleased Sam enormously. Sure enough, the bridal party followed by the happy couple emerged and were showered with rice from every angle. Stacy laughed as Ssard breathed half of it in, and Sam saw the Doctor wink at her and toss something through the air.

Two or three others were scattered around - Kyle did not even know their names. They had joined them in transit - clearly Revered Lukas had called as many followers of the Church as he could for this big day. So, here they were, grouped, silently waiting. Patiently observing the Church of Earth on Micawber's World, waiting to catch of glimpse of the couple who had hired it out for their wedding day. A group of well-wishers from the planet had begun to gather. Kyle could see a multitude of people from different races gathered there, many of whom did not even know the couple, but had come because it was - according to the hotel's guidebooks -always an event worth witnessing.

And second, I don't think the Palace would take kindly to your gossipmongering. Least of all when you paint Her Majesty Queen Bodicha as some kind of murderess. ' Torin began to try to stare Ethelredd down, but quickly realised he was wasting his time. 'Must get ready to meet the proletariat, I suppose. ' The Duchess let out a shrill, girlish laugh. 'Oh, Mr Chalfont, you are so sweet,' she added, and then leaned back, tapping Ethelredd's hand. ' rather too loudly, so that everyone could hear anyway.

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