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By Janet A. Kourany

This can be a very critical paintings of scholarship that is helping to extend the canon of ladies philosophers and to appreciate the context within which they paintings. The erudite essay of Eileen O'Neill on early sleek ladies philosophers is worthy the cost of the gathering.

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Her discussion of the works of Mary Astell, in her six-volume Female Biography . . 48 With the growing professionalization of philosophy, and the placement of it over against the belles lettres and religion, we also find for the first time in England “pure” philosophical writing by women. That is, we find philosophy stripped of its moorings within discussions of the woman question and theology, expressed in technical language, and written in a journalistic style. In short, we find a corpus like that of Lady Mary Shepherd, which includes An Essay upon the Relation of Cause and Effect, controverting the Doctrine of Mr.

It was, rather, the Academy of the Institute for Sciences at Bologna that admitted du Châtelet in 1746. 7 E A R L Y M O D E R N W O M E N P H I L O S O P H E R S 19 In England, in 1667, Margaret Cavendish became the first woman to visit the Royal Society of London, in order to see some of Robert Boyle’s experiments. Her visit caused enormous controversy. 9 This occurred only in Italy, as we have seen, and also in Germany. At the University of Halle, in 1754, Dorothea Erxleben became the first woman to receive a medical degree in Germany.

16 Her discussion drew on Scholastic, as well as Neoplatonic hermetic sources. 17 Interest in woman’s nature, her place in society, and her fitness for education led women in the second half of the century to proffer large-scale views about the relation of education to religion and to society. Detailed accounts of how girls should be educated appeared. 19 In the second half of the Age of Reason, women also produced a number of works on morals and the passions. ”20 But perhaps the most well known seventeenth-century woman writer of moral psychology is the précieuse, Madeleine de Scudéry.

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