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Loyalty over all

Every crusade has companies that pull the key strings of the area, toppling monarchs or top revolutionaries towards freedom and warfare. those mystery societies, bardic faculties, wizard academies, army orders, and non secular cults seize the imagination—and now your computers can sign up for Golarion’s personal movers and shakers with the Pathfinder Chronicles Faction advisor. This ebook provides a brand new and distinctive principles procedure for computers who throw of their lot with a number of of those teams, in addition to the responsibilities—and rewards—that club involves. With club in a faction, desktops achieve an entire new cause to event, in addition to numerous roleplaying possibilities in any kind of crusade, from dungeon move slowly to courtly intrigue.

In addition to new targets and explanations, club in a faction comes with tangible in-game merits. achieve adequate of a name with the Hellknights, and a computer can turn into a fearsome lictor, entire with Hellknight minions. achieve status with the Pathfinder Society, and a computer adventurer can get his foot within the door to develop into a venture-captain. every little thing your avid gamers have to infiltrate the halls of energy is true here.

Inside this 64-page e-book, you’ll find:
• ideas on the best way to achieve status with numerous factions and the way to exploit it to safe goods, boons, and allies.
• Twenty-four pattern factions and the explicit merits of becoming a member of them—these factions comprise the fearsome pink Mantis assassins, the infamous Whispering method, the righteous Eagle Knights of Andoran, the demon-hunting Mendev Crusaders, the calculating Prophets of Kalistrade, and the blasphemous Church of Razmir.
• general rewards on hand via each faction, comparable to necessary spells, professional hirelings, and entry to precise magic goods and equipment.
• New feats, spells, magic goods, and features for all factions.
• This e-book is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the Pathfinder Chronicles crusade environment yet suits simply into any myth online game international.

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35 1 Pathfinder Chronicles: Faction Guide require those agents and their actions to conform to the general code of behavior noted above. Pathfinders who are incapable of following these simple rules are removed from the Society. Pathfinder Society T he Pathfinder Society has existed for more than 400 years. Members include treasure hunters, explorers, tomb raiders, historians, and vagabonds, and they roam the farthest reaches of the world seeking lost relics of world-shattering power and answers to riddles older than the gods.

Kalistrade Good Class Choices C uriously understated and often underestimated, the prophets of Kalistrade adhere to a set of secular prophecies concerning wealth and rulership of the world. They wear long white gloves and abstain from tattooing, certain meats, and most kinds of sex, and uphold various other prohibitions to demonstrate their separation from the world and dedication to the principles of the prophecies—namely, that personal wealth is the key to rulership and personal fulfillment. Almost preternaturally calm and focused, the prophets are master negotiators and appear prepared to handle nearly any threat to their wealth and lives, in that order.

Education plays a role, explaining the god’s inf luence within the cosmos, but less scrupulous faiths also try to help things along by engineering situations in which people must pray for divine intercession. Factions pledged to gods who oversee benef icial things offer up the possibility of good luck or success to prospective members; those who oversee harmful or negative things tend to promise security or at least reduced harm to potential converts. Religious Factions E ach god claims at least one facet of existence as his exclusive domain.

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