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This vintage identify strains the background of the Lightning from the earliest Lockheed “Model 22” during the serious compressibility difficulties of the prototype YP-38, to the P-38L-5, the fighter-bomber-reconnaissance plane of the USAAF in italy and the Pacific.Graphically illustrated with over 2 hundred motion images and lots of eye witness debts, this ebook tells the tale of a different and cutting edge aircrat, respected for its adaptability and skill to limp domestic on one engine the place different airplane may were destroyed.

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Field Marshal Rommel left North Africa shortly before the end. and would plague the Allies in Italy a bit later. The 14th FG, at full strength with a new squadron added (37th FS). possessing 105 pilots and 90 new P-38G~. rerurned to Telergma just before the enemy capirulated. This pioneer Lightning group would return to the thick of things in Ital y. The fighting 82nd would be there too, along with the 1st FG. The 82nd lost 64 Lightnings to down 199 enemy aircraft. plus 39 probables and 47 damaged since entering combat the previous December.

80 Sicily and Italy Top right: 94th FS LtJ. Hagenback on airstrip at Sardinia with his batnosed P-38H-5 in October 1943. / Bill Lenhart via Ken "'/Illey Bottom right: In mid-1943, the us transferred four F-4 and two F-5As to the French Groupe de . Reconnaissance 2/33 then ba ed in Tunisia. Later in the war, the French unit received F-5Bs (above). /USAF Below: In September 1943, the Lightning of the 12th AF began to operate from Sicily under conditions that harkened back to the early days in North Africa.

Diving peed forces in India gathered for an assault from limits were affixed to comrol another quarter. column. I AF Late in March, the 80th FS of the 8th FG transitioned t~ P-38s and joined the 9th and 39th FSs at Port Moresby. That made three P-38 squadrons in the 5th AF, each from a different group. Then, between 2 and 18 April, Japane e Admiral I oruku Yamamoto' entire carrier air fleet was land-ba ed at Rabaul for Operation I-go, an all-out attempt to regain aIr superiority over eastern New Guinea and the Solomons.

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