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By Joseph Seckbach (auth.), Joseph Seckbach (eds.)

Origins: Genesis, Evolution and Biodiversity of Microbial existence within the Universe is the 6th unit of the publication sequence Cellular Origins, Lifein severe Habitats and Astrobiology (COLE) edited through Joseph Seckbach. during this publication 40 eminent scientists evaluation their stories within the fields of existence from the start to the "Fact of Life". The heritage of foundation of existence and Astrobiology is definitely coated by way of those authors. experiences disguise the traditional and replacement situations of the genesis of lifestyles, whereas the chapters of "The First Cells" resulting in the biodiversity and extremophiles of microbial existence. between those extremophiles are the microbes residing within the Life's limits, equivalent to in extreme temperature, psychrophilic, UV radiation, and halophilic environments. The foundation and background of Martian water is mentioned via the prospective biogeochemistry inside of Titan. This new box of Astrobiology has been offered, from comets as a resource of fabrics and lifestyles in the world to the distance for final Frontiers.

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He supported the idea of the plurality of worlds since an infinite number of atoms (likely to collide with each other) could have led to an infinite number of worlds. In his Letter to Herodote, he clearly proposed arguments in favor of the existence of other worlds inhabited by living beings (Raulin et al, 1997). Atomism was also adopted by Lucretius (99-55 BC): other worlds must exist “ since there is unlimited space in every direction, and since seeds innumerable in number and unfathomable in sum are flying about in many ways driven in everlasting movement ” (Lucretius, quoted in Dick, 1996).

In this way, Kepler provided revolutionary arguments to prove that laws of physics were appropriate on the Earth as well as on other celestial bodies of the solar system (such as the Moon) (Lear, 1965). In fact, if The Dream looked like fiction in the narrative part of the book, numerous and rich footnotes (longer than the main text) provided a lot of accurate information on astronomy and on data related to pluralism. For instance, these footnotes furnished pertinent remarks on the possibility of inhabiting the Moon and on the question of the origin of life (Kepler, in Lear, 1965).

The first application of this strategy was carried out by the astronomer Franck Drake in 1960 and a few years later (in 1965), the committee CETI (Communication with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) was established. The term CETI changed to SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) in 1986 in order to express its growing interest in every possible kind of search for extraterrestrial civilizations (Almar, 1988). 10. Conclusion By changing from an every-day process of spontaneous generation to a single process of chemical evolution having occurred once in the past, the problem of the origin of life switched from the status of an observational science to the one of a historical reconstruction.

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