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The purpose of this paintings is to advance an additive, integer-valued measure idea for the category of quasilinear Fredholm mappings. This category is satisfactorily huge that, inside of its framework, one can examine basic absolutely nonlinear elliptic boundary worth difficulties. a level for the entire classification of quasilinear Fredholm mappings needs to unavoidably accomodate sign-switching of the measure alongside admissible homotopies. The authors introduce "parity", a homotopy invariant of paths of linear Fredholm operators having invertible endpoints. The parity offers a entire description of the potential alterations in signal of the measure and thereby allows use of the measure to turn out multiplicity and bifurcation theorems for quasilinear Fredholm mappings. functions are given to the research of totally nonlinear elliptic boundary worth difficulties.

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A solution of the equation in 6. THE PARITY OF A PATH OF LINEAR FREDHOLM OPERATORS We have seen that when homotopy and and x € 80, O £ X H:[0,1] x X —» Y is open and bounded with is a quasilinear Fredholm H(t,x) * 0 for t € [0,1] then deg(H t ,0,O), 0 < t < 1 has constant absolute value. A switch in sign may occur. To put the issue of sign-switching into clear focus, consider the following context in which there is no question about choice of orientation: Let X = Y, and, in the above homotopy, assume that both are compact vector fields.

N An orientation Definition having the property of GL(X,Y) is any function >{-l,l} that (i) if T ~ S, then e(T)e(S) = degL (ii) if X = Y, then e(Idx) = 1. S. (T) We recall that a choice function for a family of sets any map ? 6 for all a € A. For any a€ ir (a) be the set of path-components of a. There is a bijection GL(X,Y) and the set of all {with property the additional Proof: £(a) € B {B |a e A} is choice Given an orientation that between functions of all £ {n (a)|a e GL(X,Y)/~} for ? (GLC(X)) = GL^(X) if orientation £ by a e GL(X,Y)/~.

The proof of the following proposition follows from the Leray-Schauder formula and the corresponding finite dimensional result. 2 connected Let X components, be a real GLp(X) and Banach space. GLp(X), given GL*(X) = {T € GL c (X)|deg L Given X and Y Then g GL (X) has two by: (T) = ±1}. real Banach spaces, we introduce in Calkin equivalence relation: if T,S € L(X,Y), then T ~ S L(X,Y) if the T - S is compact. 3 Moreover, if If T,S€GL(X,Y), then L € GL(X,Y) and T~S L~T~S, then if and only if T _1 S€GL C (X).

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