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By Sandy Boucher

Half primer, half own heritage, half advisor to religious perform, this e-book opens the door to an figuring out of Buddhist spirituality, which engages increasingly more Westerners because the millennium techniques. via own anecdotes, energetic causes, and considerate discussions, Sandy Boucher offers a feminine standpoint on primary Buddhist teachings equivalent to compassion, detachment, and enlightenment.Includes a listing of girls lecturers within the usa, Canada, and in a foreign country.

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I feed the stray cat who lives on our garage roof; I reassure an anxious student; I repot and water the dry wilting plant on my windowsill. This "feeling-with" and desire to help extends out to the suffering members of our society, even to the great trees and other living beings in the old growth forests of our globe, to our endangered environment, air, and water. The quality of compassion holds a central place in Buddhism. You may encounter the term bodhisattva, which means a person who has chosen the path of compassion.

This is Buddhist practice. Eating can be a practice. At Dhamma Dena Desert Vipassana Center where I go for retreats, mealtimes are practice times. Silence is observed so that one can stay contained in one's self and focused on one's own experience. We gather our food and then sit contemplating it. This can be a difficult time for me, as I smell the tantalizing odors, look at the food, worry about its getting cold. Then my teacher Ruth Denison speaks, reminding us of the many conditions and labors that brought us this food, beginning with the sun's rays and the rain, the richness of the soil, the fertility of the seeds.

I traveled in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia where most people are Buddhists, and lived for a short time as a Buddhist nun. As the 1980s ended, I earned a degree in religion from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, where I came to appreciate the spiritual depth and feminist insight of many Christian and Jewish women. I earn my living as a writer and teacher of writing, and I share my erotic and domestic life with women. Although I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than thirty-five years, I still sometimes feel like the Midwesterner I was.

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