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By Isabel Samaras

Isabel Samaras's quirky, horny, pop-surrealist paintings has had a cult following for yearsand now in the end her first monograph, On smooth Hooks, is right here. Drawing her impression from vintage television exhibits and work via the outdated Mastersfor instance riffing on Gricault's Raft of the Medusa by way of changing the figures with characters from Gilligan's IslandSamaras has created a witty, erotic, and surreal physique of labor. This clean and stunning quantity incorporates a three-way interview among Samaras and fellow low-brow artists Shag and The Pizz, in addition to pleasant and enlightening remark from gallerist Justin Giarla and paintings author Colin Berry, and an erotic brief tale by way of Lucy Blue

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P: … bales of barbed wire, ack-ack-ack-ack, mud up to here … I: I hate it! ” I: I say that all the time: the middle of the painting feels like a battlefield. ” P: It’s like meeting a girl in a bar! I: “It’s going to be the best painting in the world! Look at how it’s coming together! ” And in the middle I’m like, “Why did I even think I could paint this? This is so far outside what I’m capable of. This isn’t working. It’s a dumb idea. ” S: For me the creative thing is the sketch, the composition, what it’s going to be.

HMMM. STILL WAITING. I always wanted to draw, to make things; I loved to read, and TV was awesome. They weren’t just characters and stories—sometimes they were companions who seemed as real as anything else. Sci-fi showed me there were “alternate realities,” places and times where things could be different. Fate and history weren’t boring straight lines—they were flexible and alive. They could be changed. On TV, Catwoman and Batman never seemed to get together, but who says they never could? In the movies, Zira has to die so her supersmart chimp baby can live, but on some other Planet of the Apes, in a different reality, maybe they could snuggle happily ever after.

S: Well, it’s not as immediate as that. Most paintings I can finish in under a week, unless they’re really big ones. I: Really? Does that include sketches and conceiving an idea—the whole shebang? S: Yeah. I: See, now I envy you! S: I have a backlog of ideas. Sometimes I’ll just sit down for a couple of days and just sketch things. Come up with a little pile of papers and stick it in this drawer next to my painting table and when the ideas aren’t coming as fast, I can pull them out. I always want the painting to have some meaning to it, some narrative, to say something rather than just being something cool.

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