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32/mol' 32 sec] k,": chain transfer rate constant to monomer, [I/mol*sec] kK: chain transfer rate constant to initiator, [I/mol. sec] k,: propagation rate constant, [I/mol*sec] - Imoto, M. , Makromol. , 117, 117 (1968). OX 10'5exp(-29100 cal/RT) for 50-80°C [i]: concentration of species i, [mol/l] R,: initial rate of polymerization, [mol/l. sec] P,: number-average degree of polymerization k: initial rate constant of polymerization, [mol/l*sec] h: decomposition rate constant of initiator, [ l/sec] kin: chain transfer rate constant to monomer, [Vmol.

Trans. , Photo-induced bulk polymerization Temperature: 0°C 2M + 2X or D2 X + M + X D2 + M + D1 + R DI + M - t P2 + R R + M + PI + R D2+X+DI+Q D I + X + P Z + Q R + X + P I + Q 2x 24 + M: monomer, X: active center, Q: dead center, D2: initial polymer growing at both ends, DI: polymer growing at one end, R: growing transfer polymer, PI: dead transfer polymer, Pz: dead initial polymer. 69X lo6, kl : initiation rate constant, []/mol sec] k2: propagation rate constant, []/mol sec] k3: transfer rate constant, []/mol sec] b: termination rate constant, [I/mol.

Capiati, N. , Farber, J. , and Valles, E. , Ind. Eng. G e m . , 27, 784 (1988). 0 1988 American Chemical Society. 4 X lo3 k,: termination rate constant, [I/mol*sec] k,: propagation rate constant, [I/mol*sec] Takahashi, T. , Macronrolecules, 15, 714 (1982). 0 1982 American Chemical Society. Photo-induced bulk polymerization Initiator: diphenyl disulfide Temperature: 132°C Pressure: 500- 1750 bar 33 Ethylene Rate constant Pressure [bar1 kP [ml/mol. sec] kt [ml/mol. , Makromol. , 184, 207 (1983).

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