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By S W Amos, Roger Amos B.Sc B.D. M.I.S.T.C.

The revised variation of the Newnes Dictionary of Electronics features a monstrous new part dedicated to acronyms and abbreviations. So if you happen to imagine you recognize the that means of ADDER, LAP, FIB, SPICE or malicious program, we propose you sign in the Newnes Dictionary of Electronics first. *A concise thesaurus for electronics, television, radio and computing*Ideal for engineers, scholars and enthusiasts*Includes a convenient appendix of acronyms

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Bl-threshold device Same as Schmitt trigger. bit rate The speed at which binary digits are transmitted. It is usually expressed in bits (kilobits or megabits) per second. black body Same as/i/// radiator. black compression or black crushing In television, reduction of the gain at signal levels corresponding to black compared with the gain at white and mid-grey levels. Black compression reduces the visibility of detail in the low-light regions of reproduced pictures. 18 (a)). In a properly-adjusted system the black-level voltage at the input to a picture tube gives cut-off of the electron beam as indicated in Figure BA8W).

Beam tetrodes usually have aligned grids and the resulting high-density electron stream prevents secondary emission from the anode from reaching the screen grid so preventing the tetrode kink which would impair efficiency. beanstalk A circuit consisting of a number of transistors connected in series across a power supply, their inter-connections being brought out as tapping points. 13 Construction of a beam tetrode sound radio transmitter, adjustable resistors connected across suitable tapping points being used to set the audio input level, the base bias and the limiter level.

Balance In general the state in which the correct relationship between two quantities has been achieved. For example the signal levels in the two channels of a stereophonic system are said to be balanced when the correct spacial distribution of sound is achieved. balanced modulator A circuit which accepts a carrier signal and a modulating signal as inputs and gives a suppressed-carrier amplitudemodulated output. 4 gives the circuit diagram of one form of balanced modulator which consists of two matched active devices, the inputs of which are driven in push pull by the modulating signal but in phase by the carrier signal.

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