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They invaded and occupied the Americas for its abundant land and other natural resources. They traded with Africa for slaves to run their farms and factories. Declaration of independence from Britain by 13 American colonies in 1776 heralded the beginning of the end of global colonial domination. It took close to two hundred years more for its ultimate demise elsewhere. It started with India’s independence in 1947 followed by liberation movements in other parts of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The first billion mark was reached by about 1800. The next doubling took 150 years, by the year 1950. But from 1950 to 1980, during a short span of merely 30 years, the population doubled again to reach the 4 billion mark. Another billion were added in the next ten years, showing a fivefold increase during the last one hundred years alone. The addition of another billion people from 1990 to 2000 brought us to the global estimate of 6+ billion. Due to the current annual growth rate, the world population stands around 7 billion at the time of this writing.

Of course, those divisions no longer exist. The so-called East bloc has disintegrated. Some of its former members—East Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Romania, and former Czechoslovakia—have joined the ranks of newly industrialized or industrializing free economies within the European Union (EU). Some countries in Horowitz’s Third World and the WST’s periphery remain locked in poverty and underdevelopment, while others—like India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil—are among the “emerging technoeconomic superpowers” despite big chunks of poverty in them.

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