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You do yourself a big favor when you aim high. * Sidney Siegel and Laurence E. , 1960). Lowering the Other Person’s Expectations When it comes to expectations, the Maximum Supportable Position is a gilded double-edged sword; while it raises yours, it lowers the other person’s. Think about how you react when you find yourself negotiating with someone who starts right in with high demands. ” By coming out high, you leave the other person with a firm impression that all their greatest hopes will probably not be realized and transfer the bulk of the anxiety load (“I don't think I'll get everything I want”) off your shoulders and onto theirs.

A glass of lemonade,” you gasp, handing over half a buck. The vendor balks. “It's $20 a glass. Take it or leave it,” he says defiantly. “There is another stand . . ” You're being swindled unmercifully, but what to do? You fork over the twenty, with pleasure. There won't be any negotiating over this transaction; you and the vendor both know he's got you over the barrel. You have a glaring need, and he's exploiting it for all it's worth. But suppose you aren't stranded in the desert, that you just happened to be passing through in a jeep.

This is not to say there isn't a competitive side to the negotiation. We're each trying to secure the best deal for ourselves that we can. But this fact doesn't prevent us from seeing the overall picture, which is that between my dinning room set and your money we can negotiate a deal that will be to our mutual advantage. Negotiating for a job is another example of an Oh-Boy Negotiation. Both sides stand to benefit from an agreement and, generally speaking, enter into the negotiation eager and hopeful of having their needs fulfilled – on one hand, the need for a good, steady job; and on the other, the need for a good, steady employee.

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