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By Lauren Tribodeau

Ordinary Born instinct is a pragmatic, step by step consultant to residing your most sensible existence during the method "Dr. Lauren" calls Knowing-living from a deeply guided, fully relied on experience of internal knowledge. by means of demystifying instinct, "Dr. Lauren" teaches you ways to deliver your intuitive correct mind and your analytical left mind jointly.

Using an easy self-assessment software she built, Dr. Lauren is helping you establish your normal intuitive style-a two-part blend of the 5 intuitive forms: visible, Auditory, Sensory, physique established, and Multisensory. She then presents particular strategies designed to extend your natural-born intuitive variety right into a trustworthy lifestyles counsel process. typical Born instinct is helping you already know:

  • That instinct is a typical extension of our senses, now not a few detailed "sixth sense."
  • When to depend upon intuition-and whilst now not to.
  • How to take advantage of instinct to augment the good fortune of your relationships.
  • Why instinct combined with research is the main strong problem-solving procedure you could use.
  • How to deliver instinct to useful tasks-from discovering a parking position to purchasing a home.

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35 ✴ 36 Natural-Born Intuition How Visual Knowing Operates Linda demonstrates the most common type of Knowing: a strongly visual intuitive style, sometimes called clairvoyance. As people vary, so does the way their visual intuition or Knowing operates, but three common “delivery systems” for visual Knowing are: 1. Through flashes of Knowing, which may be seen in color, black and white, sepia tones, or mini-movies. 2. Through dreams with particularly vivid or powerful imagery. 3. Through other outside images, often reflected repeatedly.

But believe me, if I ever see a giant cross over someone’s shoulder again during a consultation, I’ll Know the translation. That image is a permanent addition to my visual symbolic shorthand dictionary. Denying your Knowing because knowledge hasn’t yet evolved enough to document that you’re “right” is a huge disservice to your Knowing Self. Working from your inner wisdom, your own Knowing, is not about being right, although that’s gratifying on the level of human ego. The secret is to speak the truth as you understand it, with compassion—and without attachment to whether you’re right.

The mistake I made was that I didn’t trust my own Knowing fully. After, all, intuitives—as can doctors and people from every other walk of life—can be wrong, too. When we are, it’s usually a failure of interpretation of the symbolism through which Knowing operates; it’s like improperly or incompletely translating a foreign language phrase. Sometimes events that we have a sense of Knowing about are not yet known to the parties involved, as happened in this case. But believe me, if I ever see a giant cross over someone’s shoulder again during a consultation, I’ll Know the translation.

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