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A really well timed translation of a seminal textual content at the function of ladies in Muslim society by means of the early 20th century philosopher al Taher al-Haddad. regarded as one of many first feminist works in Arab literature, this booklet can be of substantial curiosity to students of an early "feminist" tract coming from a Muslim in Arab society. presented the 2008 "World Award of the President of the Republic of Tunisia for Islamic stories"

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And though he acknowledged that the face of a woman is not part of cawra (sc. 34 It is hardly surprising, then, that Bayram V could not conceive of women playing an active role in politics; indeed, what seemed to strike him as being most damning about the Paris Commune was the fact that everyone – including women! – was called to join. It is equally interesting to observe that the great statesman Khayr al-Din completely ignored the issue of women. Indeed, despite his overwhelming emphasis on the principles of justice and equity, women and their position in society are conspicuous by their absence in the lengthy treatise of the reforms he thought should be introduced into Islamic societies and which formed the introduction to his historical encyclopaedia Aqwam al-masalik fi macrifat al-mamalik (‘The Surest Path towards Knowledge about the Kingdoms’).

Islam was a new doctrine in the life of Muslims in general, and Arabs in particular. We are most interested here in the changes it brought about with regard to woman, both in the confirmation of her civil rights and social position, and in the recognition of her role as a companion to man. Arabs did not have a written Sharica124 to resort to; they were not used to an ordered structure or to following a set of rules except their own inner disposition, principles, manners and habits passed down through the generations, which became irrefutable values.

It is the fantasies of our own beliefs that are the cause of our destruction, in addition to dangerous and abominable customs that have stiffened our necks against change. This is what has made me write this book on women in the sharica and society, to show who is right, and who has gone astray. In doing so, I hope I have discharged a duty which I owe first to all men and second to my nation. qxd 1 05/11/2007 1:15 PM Page 35 Woman in Islam Preface It is most important to talk briefly about Islam and its legislative guiding principles before examining its view on the position of woman in society, so as to clarify its standpoint in this regard and to enhance the usefulness and truthfulness of the discussion of the topic.

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