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By Michael A. Orloff

This e-book relies on a distinct TRIZ fundamentals distant studying know-how designed by means of the writer. It includes greater than 250 examples, assignments and suggestions, and an in-depth dialogue of methodological tips about functional implementation of theoretical postulates.
It doesn't require any targeted initial education, and will be utilized by someone who needs to grasp TRIZ fundamentals independently.
The e-book is suggested for technical experts, whatever the volume in their familiarity with TRIZ, and for college students in engineering.

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Inexpensive short-life object as a replacement for expensive long-life object replace an expensive object with a group of inexpensive objects without certain properties, for example, long life. Previously (and in many systems currently) structurally simple and inexpensive fuses were made of easily fusible materials, and were destructible and expendable. As a result, the live wire within the fuse melted and broke when the current exceeded a certain threshold value sufficient to destroy it. Transform damage into use a) use damaging factors, especially damaging influences from the environment to achieve a useful effect 42 Principles of TRIZ In this case, strong current which could potentially damage electrical devices installed in the house effectively "commits suicide" by destroying its own circulatory system (the fuse).

And the four stages comprise MAI T-R-I-Z. ), in a purposeful and efficient manner. The aim of Modern TRIZ is to assure mass-scale dissemination of TRIZ basics and efficient standardized application of TRIZ models, improve existing TRIZ models on an ongoing basis, and develop a general systemic and mathematical platform for the presentation of TRIZ theory. Upon completion of an induction course provided by this book, this technology can be successfully reproduced and implemented by all Modern TRIZ practitioners: trainers, teachers, applied experts and, naturally, senior schoolchildren and college students.

Fig. 22. Matryoshka doll. Matryoshka (nested doll) In the opinion of the manufacturers, one of the intended uses of the tower is to destroy enemy tanks with self-guided missiles. It is assumed that the tower can be covertly delivered to, and deployed in, the operative zone (in a forest or on broken terrain), unexpectedly assume the firing position, and attack the enemy.

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