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H "" structure like an umbrella that may be turned upside-down Charge transfer spectrum Resonance in the chemical bond N ;,:::···-H·····;;. ". / [:11. In this structure, it's as if the nitrogen were undecided between the position to the left or that to the right of the plane of the three hydrogen atoms (Fig. 13): moreover, the difference between the levels Eu - Eg pertaining to the nitrogen's symmetric and antisymmetric states is small (about one tenthousandth of an electronvolt) with respect to the thermal energy KBT (about 25meV).

The density of electron presence, 11/;(r, t)12, and the squared modulus of the oscillation amplitude of the coupled pendulum may be placed in correspondence (From G. Caglioti, op. ) that of the energy difference Eu - E g , the alternative of gaining entrance to the antisymmetric molecular orbital 1/;u is no longer precluded for an electron initially described by the symmetric orbital 1/;g: more or less what happens when we find ourselves facing the dilemma brought on when a possibility of choice is revealed, and indecision and tensions are created which lead to the dynamics typical of ambiguity.

Dover Publ. , New York 1975). After a few seconds of observation, this staircase seems to turn around; the mind tries to establish a pattern, but is left undecided when the shifted pattern is presented to it 20 Perception and physics Ambiguity in the Cultural Relationship Between Man and Natural Structures The symmetry of the structure having been broken, the stimuli, which were formerly scattered stochastically, as if by magic arrange themselves dynamically, depicting the visual thinking, and are re-irradiated collectively by the figure.

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