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Globalisation isn't a brand new phenomenon; yet at the eve of the millennium, the approaches that represent the phenomenon of globalization are intensifying, and being skilled in new methods. This e-book seems to be on the writings of Marx that are suitable to those present matters. It contains extracts from "The Communist Manifesto, Capital volumes 1-3", "The financial and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844" and "The Poverty of Philosophy."

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At the very most one might infer from it that, given the present state of the great majority of 73 MARX ON GLOBALISATION THE INEVITABILITY OF DEVELOPMENT? Russian peasants, the act of converting them into small proprietors would merely b~ the prelude to their rapid expropriation. II. The most serious argument which has been put. forward against the Russian commune amounts to this: Go back to the origins of Western societies and everywhere you will find communal ownership of the land; with social progress it has everywhere given way to private property; so it will not be able to escape the same fate in Russia alone.

3) The arable land, inalienable and communal property, is periodically divided between members of the agricultural commune in such a way that everyone tills the fields assigned to him on his own account and appropriates the fruits thereof as an individual. In more primitive communities the work is carried out communally and the communal 74 75 MARX ON GLOBALISATION product is shared out according as it is required for consumption, excepting the portion reserved for reproduction. One can understand that the dualism inherent in the constitution of the agricultural commune is able to endow it with a vigorous life.

Here it is trumpeted forth as a triumph of English statecraft that at the Peace of Utrecht, England extorted from the Spaniards by the Asiento Treaty the privilege of being allowed to ply the negro-trade, until then only carried on between Africa and the English West Indies, between Africa and Spanish America as well. England thereby acquired the right of supplying Spanish America until1743 with 4,800 negroes yearly. This threw, at the same time, an official cloak over British smuggling. Liverpool waxed fat on the slave-trade.

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