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Marc Chagall (1887-1985) traversed an extended path from a boy within the Jewish faded of cost, to a commissar of paintings in innovative Russia, to the location of a world-famous French artist. This ebook offers for the 1st time a accomplished number of Chagalls public statements on artwork and tradition. The files and interviews make clear his wealthy, flexible, and enigmatic artwork from inside of his personal psychological global. The e-book increases the issues of a multi-cultural artist with a number of intersecting identities and the tensions among modernist shape and cultural illustration in twentieth-century paintings. It finds the travails and achievements of his existence as a Jew within the 20th century and his perennial issues with Jewish identification and future, Yiddish literature, and the nation of Israel. This assortment contains annotations and introductions of the Chagall texts through the well known student Benjamin Harshav that elucidate the texts and bring the altering cultural contexts of Chagalls existence. additionally featured is the interpretation by way of Benjamin and Barbara Harshav of the 1st ebook approximately Chagalls paintings, the 1918 Russian The paintings of Marc.

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Marc Chagall on Art and Culture

Marc Chagall (1887-1985) traversed a protracted course from a boy within the Jewish faded of payment, to a commissar of paintings in progressive Russia, to the placement of a world-famous French artist. This booklet provides for the 1st time a accomplished number of Chagalls public statements on paintings and tradition.

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Stubborn and imperious, obedient to we offer and impose our ideas, new Revolutionary Art; we have the courage to think that the future is with us. No matter how embarrassed many are by the radical edge of Leftist Art, we have to say to our friends the inner voice of our artistic conscience, our forms— the forms and ideas of the and our foes: Down with prejudices! Plunge head people's Revolutionary Art, give yourself to And believe it: it first into instinctively the sea of the and trustingly! the working people, transformed, will approach that high rise of culture and Art, which some nations have experienced in the past and of which we can only dream.

Didn't see anything but a vestige of a kitchen, and "here"? " And I dashed to the walls. On the ground lay sheets;^ workers I shouted, and actors were crawling over them, through the renovated halls and corridors, among slivers, Torn tatters of the around. this. At I Civil too wallowed home heads and chisels, paints, sketches. ciy. War— ration cards, various queue -numbers—lay on the ground. At moments, enjoyed lying like I they lay the dead on the ground. Often, people I too love, finally, to lie on the ground, lie at whisper into to their it my my prayer.

We need not dwell on the fact that this anniversary is the first, and is a rare event in history. This is clear both to its friends and its enemies. But what speech can 1— an artist— make on this anniversary? Wouldn't many feel it strange? No doubt. But that is wrong. Art lived and will continue to live by its And here is why. own laws. But in its depths, it undergoes the same stages experienced by all humanity, advancing toward the most revolutionary achievements. And if it is true that only now, when humanity has taken the road of the ultimate Revolution, can we speak of Humanity with a A only if it is capital H, even more revolutionary in its so, can Art be written with a capital essence.

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