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By David Southwood, Stanley W. H. Cowley FRS, Simon Mitton

This booklet makes stable history analyzing for a lot of contemporary magnetospheric physics. Its starting place was once a Festspiel for Professor Jim Dungey, former professor within the Physics division at Imperial university at the party of his ninetieth birthday, 30 January 2013. Remarkably, even if he retired 30 years in the past, his pioneering and, usually, maverick paintings within the 50’s via to the 70’s on sunlight terrestrial physics is perhaps extra largely favored at the present time than while he retired.

Dungey was once a theoretical plasma physicist. The ebook covers how his reconnection version of the magnetosphere developed to develop into the traditional version of solar-terrestrial coupling. Dungey’s open magnetosphere version now underpins a holistic photo explaining not just the magnetic and plasma constitution of the magnetosphere, but additionally its dynamics which might be monitored in actual time. The publication additionally indicates how modern-day simulation of sun terrestrial coupling can reproduce the genuine time evolution of the sunlight terrestrial method in methods undreamt of in 1961 whilst Dungey’s epoch-making paper used to be published.

Further contributions on present Earth magnetosphere study and area plasma physics incorporated during this booklet express how Dungey’s uncomplicated principles have remained explanative 50 years on. however the Festspiel additionally brought a few advances that almost certainly Dungey had now not foreseen. one of many contributions awarded during this e-book is at the number of magnetospheres of the sun process which were noticeable without delay through the house age, discussing the differences in spatial scale and reconnection time scale and evaluating them in recognize of Earth, Mercury, the

titanic planets in addition to Ganymede.

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5 min. 11 shows one such interval, taken from Willis et al. (1986), where 1 Dungey’s Reconnection Model of the Earth’s Magnetosphere: The First 40 Years 25 Fig. 5 h interval on 27 October 1984. The top three panels show the three components of the IMF in GSM coordinates, while the lower panel shows latitude profiles of the ionospheric flow, where for purposes of visibility the vectors have been rotated clockwise by 90 into the direction of the electric field associated with the flow. After Willis et al.

A qualitative study of the reconnection between the earth’s magnetic field and an interplanetary field of arbitrary orientation. Radio Sci. : Plasma populations in a simple open model magnetosphere. Space Sci. Rev. : The causes of convection in the earth’s magnetosphere—a review of developments during the IMS. Rev. Geophys. Space Phys. : The magnetosphere and its interaction with the solar wind and with the ionosphere. K. ) The Behaviour of Systems in the Space Environment, pp. 147–181. : Observation of an IMF sector effect in the Y magnetic field component at geostationary orbit.

Testing the predictions of the ECPC has been a major endeavour since the 1990s when the ideas were first expressed as a coherent picture by Cowley and Lockwood (1992). In the following sections we discuss the observations that have validated the major predictions of the ECPC. 3 Observations of Ionospheric Convection and Polar Cap Area Primary observables for testing the ECPC are the polar ionospheric convection pattern and the location of the polar cap boundary (or OCB) at all local times. There are significant challenges inherent in making observations over the majority of the polar regions at sufficient temporal resolution to capture the time-dependent aspects of the behaviour, one of the major reasons for the relatively slow universal adoption of the ECPC paradigm.

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