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By William Goldman

Beginning out as a boy within the Catskills, Corky develops right into a excellent and recognized magician whose long-hidden mystery and specialist talents allure darkish forces rationale on destroying him.

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The hand eventually came out empty. Now it was the turn of the other hand to try the left jacket pocket. Empty. "Fug," the giant said. Then he grabbed hold of the top of the banister, stood. His right hand tried his pants pocket and the giant soon nodded, took out a key, hircbed to the nearest doorway, pushed the key in the lock. Or at least that was the theory. He missed again and again, sometimes coming closer to the keyhole, never close enough to attempt insertion. The key slipped from his fingers and bounced along the floor.

She came into his room late one night going "shhhh" and smelling, as she always did, of sherry wine. She crossed MAGIC 55 Ac dark room, sat on the edge of his bed, and got right to it *Tm gonna miss you, Cork," she said. Corky waited in the night. " Corky nodded. " She kissed him then. "Drunk as a skunk," she said. " "Don't go," Corky said. " "You are good, Cork. You don't cry, you do nice tilings, you clean up your room without no one telling you. " Corky nodded. " He had given her a half dozen tiny animals he'd whittled for Christmas.

My Corky, why shouldn't it be, you're MAGIC 79 sitting between the prettiest girl and the most popular boy and they invited you. They did it several more times that October and afterwards. Corky made quick notes when be got home, because probably he had never had better times than those and you never knew how long they'd last. Mutt got fired before Thanksgiving. He'd been becoming increasingly morose ever since Willie's crash, and one day he Just slugged the head of the gym at Grossinger's and wised off to a couple of the customers who tried to intervene, and you didn't do that kind of thing and expect to stick around.

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