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By F. Richard Thomas

F. Richard Thomas argues convincingly that Alfred Stieglitz wielded a rare effect at the works of such literary figures as Gertrude Stein, Hart Crane, Sherwood Anderson, and William Carlos Williams. the results of his argument endure not just at the aesthetics, kinds, and perceptions of those significant American literary figures yet at the development of latest images as well. The 4 writers Thomas reviews the following all used elements of images of their person aesthetics and enriched their kinds via selective specialise in in my view major aspect. every one remoted occasions to bare principles in an impressionistic method. Plot and narration gave solution to associative coherence; emotions have been conveyed through revealing relationships that existed between gadgets in the writer’s body. of their lives in addition to of their artwork, they got here to sign up for a philosophy in accordance with the rapid and the particular.

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R. Mutt's Fountain, 1917. Plate 17. Alfred Stieglitz. "Apples and Gable, Lake George," 1922. Plate 18. Alfred Stieglitz. "The Flat Iron Building, New York," 1903. Plate 19. Alfred Stieglitz. d. Plate 20. Page xi Preface This book investigates the impact of photography on modern literature. Specifically, the book proposes that Alfred Stieglitz, the most influential practitioner of the art of traditional photography in his time, had a profound impact on the aesthetics, the styles, and the Weltanschauungs of four of his literary friends and admirers: Gertrude Stein, William Carlos Williams, Hart Crane, and Sherwood Anderson.

To do this requires standing outside of the subject for a time, just as one might purposely avoid getting involved in a film at the theater in order to study the artist's method and the use of film technology. To familiarize oneself with some of the characteristics and terminology of this revolution, Alfred Stieglitz provides a good starting point. His life and work centered around photography, and he played a significant role in the visual enlightenment of four of our major American writers: Stein, Williams, Crane, and Anderson.

I'm no fool.  .  . " Yes, I'm no fool; but I think that in that line the rose is red for the first time in English poetry for a hundred years. 15 Like the photographer, Stein forces the reader's attention upon the object (in this case a rose); the object cannot possibly be ignored or overlooked. Tender Buttons One of Stein's major challenges for herself was to get "the excitingness of pure being" into her writing. " Stein tried to do it by intensifying a word to the extent Page 27 that it became an object itself, to the extent that it had its own intrinsic significance apart from its usual connotative and denotative significance.

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