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By Russell Targ

The psychic skills of such a lot people are dampened via the clatter of our wide awake minds. during this well timed e-book, Russell Targ attracts at the paintings of historic mystics and traditions — Gnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Kabalistic Jewish, Sufi, yogi, and particularly Hindu non secular grasp Patanjali — to teach readers the right way to quiet this noise and spot into the a long way reaches of time and area via distant viewing. This psychic skill deals a direction of self-inquiry and self-realization and expands every one person's constrained information of the attention shared via all people. Targ explores its medical in addition to religious implications and provides strategies and routines to nurture this common yet commonly untapped ability.

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Nonetheless, he felt that the only way one could be certain that a spiritual communication came directly from a previously alive person's spirit or surviving awareness, rather than via the mediums clairvoyance of present-time information, would be for the spirit to communicate information that the medium could not know, even psychically. After Myers died, he carried out this experiment posthumously: The deceased Myers apparently sent independent fragmentary messages to three well-known and widely separated mediums - in England, India, and the United States.

She thought the message was nonsense syllables. Elisabeth kept repeating them over and over, then woke the woman up so that she could write diem down phonetically. When Mark opened the letter, he saw the message: two rows of English letters, with each row arranged in four three-letter groups - like a code. " I didn't recognize the second group, but a native Russian speaker has since told us that they say "I adore you" in idiomatic Russian. The Seattle lady claims not to know Russian, nor has she ever to her knowledge been exposed to it or any language other than English.

Dunne. Dunne's book, first published in 1927, is a treasure trove of precognition data. In one of many examples of his precognitive dreams, he reports having had a clear impression of a volcanic eruption in which 4,000 people were killed. The next morning, he read in the newspaper of that very event, including a report of 4,000 fatalities. It wasn't until he prepared his book for publication, and looked again at the article, that he discovered that it actually referred to 40,000 deaths, not the 4,000 he had thought he read of in the newspaper.

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