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By William Wray

This ebook captures the sweetness and genius of Leonardo da Vinci's writings, that are followed by means of his evocative sketches and drawings. notice the farsightedness and brilliance of the brain that introduced us the various maximum paintings and so much amazing innovations from the Mona Lisa to the new air balloon. The textual content is focused on 4 themes:

• Science—observations of the actual world
• Mechanics—looking at wheels and weight, swimming and flight
• Art—color, shape, mild, share, and more
• Life—tales and allegories, and the character and which means of existence

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Light and darkness I N LEONARDO'S paintings are to be seen the infinite gradations of light and dark. 'Every solid body is surrounded and clothed with light and darkness. ' 34 I Light and darkness He understood this playas no other painter had done before him, displaying his expertise in the techniques of chiaroscuro and sjitmato. ' 3J 36 I Light and darkness In his record of nature, Leonardo was the master of the brilliance of illumination contrasting with tonal gradation into mystery and darkness.

Man is the measure of all thingS ... Every part of the whole must be in proportion to the whole...

His understanding of perspective was three-fold: 'The first deals with the reasons of the (apparent) diminution of objects as they recede from the eye, and is known as Perspective of Diminution; the second contains the way which colours vary as they recede from the eye; the third and last explains how objects should appear less distinct in proportion as they are more remote. ' 48 I Perspective Leonardo was utterly familiar with the work of Filippo Brunelleschi and Leon Battista Alberti, both great men of the Renaissance, and his knowledge of their findings, in conjunction with his anatomical study of the eye and his work on optics, made him a complete master of perspective.

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