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By Muriel Gargaud

First finished, starting graduate point publication at the emergent technology of astrobiology.

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Science, 284, 2118– 2124. , and Gouy N. (1999). A non hyperthermophilic common ancestor to extant life forms. Science, 283, 220–221. Holm N. L. (2000). Indications of abiotic formation of hydrocarbons in the Rainbow ultramafic hydrothermal system, Mid Atlantic Ridge, Earth Planet. Sci. , 191, 1–8. G. M. (1995). Abiotic synthesis of organic compounds under the conditions of submarine hydrothermal systems: a perspective. Planet. , 43, 153–159. G. M. (1998). Organic molecules on the early Earth: hydrothermal systems.

The amount of hydrogen detected indicates 20 to 50 per cent ice by mass in the lower layer beneath the topmost surface. The ice-rich layer is about 60 cm beneath the surface at latitude 60◦ S, and approaches 30cm of the surface at latitude 75◦ S. The inventory of the total amount of water that may have existed at the surface of Mars is difficult to estimate and varies from a total water depth of some metres to several hundred metres. It is generally considered that liquid water has been restricted to the very early stages of Martian history (see Bribing’s Chap.

Accretion takes place mainly via a circumstellar disk several hundred AU in radius. This stage lasts about 105 yr. 1 The Formation of Solar-type Stars 35 Fig. 4. The evolution of solar-type stars during the first few million years (Andr´e 1993). 2 T Tauri Stars “Class II”: “Classical” T Tauri Stars At the end of the protostellar phase, the envelope has disappeared. 1 M ): this is the “classical T Tauri” stage. Some of these stars are still embedded in their parent cloud, but most have emerged from it and become optically visible.

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