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When the rabbit falls into deep sleep (either normal or pentobarbitol^-induced) overall amplitude rises and there is a reversal of the waking amplitude laterality relationship, with the formerly lower side now relatively higher. When the animal passes into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the amplitudes again go down and the laterality once more reverses. ) In general the more labile side during sleep or drug-induced reversals is the one which is lower during waking, and so the authors have conjectured that this side may normally be "dominant" for consciousness.

By observation one can determine the function of the two chelae, which may be used for grasping, crushing, or cutting, and in courtship and agonistic displays. For example, one chela of fiddler crabs, of the genus Uca, is greatly enlarged and is used in a waving display (Crane, 1941, 1957, 1966; Salmon & Atsaides, 1968). This display, by which the male courts the female, is species-specific. The major chela is also used for making a rapping sound to attract the female at night, and for agonistic displays with other males.

Due to the difficulty of visualizing these asymmetries jointly, cjid because of previous investigators1 admitted problems in establishing reliable landmarks for their measurements, Rubens superimposed transparencies of the left and right hemiconvexities to determine the exact relation of the left and right surface features. He found that the sylvian fissures are congruent until about two and a half cm. posterior to the central fissure (past Heschl's gyrus), at which point the right angulates upward sharply into the inferior parietal region, while the left continues farther posteriorly.

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