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By Callum A. Macdonald

'...this examine of the Korean a noteworthy addition to the literature of this clash. A someday exceptional and constantly stressful work.' D.Clayton James, Mississippi nation collage '...MacDonald's robust and richly designated account of the Korean struggle renders all of the painful information of yankee involvement. A masterful account that are supposed to be generally read.' M.Cantor, college of Massachusetts, Amherst

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Truman's unexpected victory in the Presidential elections, however, transformed the situation. Denied power and embittered by defeat, the Republicans seized on China to discredit the Democrats and revive the political fortunes of their party. The Republican leadership passed from the liberal Eastern wing, which accepted the New Deal at home and containment abroad, to mid-Western conservatives such as Robert Taft of Ohio. This group argued that consensus had denied the party power since 1936. It was necessary to roll back the New Deal at home and abroad.

A line had to be drawn on a global scale and defended, reaffirming the American will to resist. 32 If a line was to be drawn on this scale, military resources would have to be found to support it. At the centre of NSC-68 was an unspoken equation between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany and a determination to avoid the errors of the 1930s. The only way to deal with Stalin was from a position of military strength. NSC-68 advocated rearmanment, both atomic and conventional, which would allow the US to match the USSR on a symmetrical basis.

Simultaneously, he initiated the broad review of foreign and defence policies known as NSC-68. 29 This report, completed in April 1950, treated the Russian threat as primarily military. This was a new departure. In the opening years of the cold war; it had been thought unlikely that Moscow would deliberately resort to armed aggression . Communism was regarded as a political threat, to be contained by economic aid to key areas on the Soviet periphery which would restore prosperity and eliminate the conditions in which communism flourished .

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