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I have to go out," he shouted excitedly. " asked the amazed pedagogue. " The teacher struck him a blow over the shoulders, but young Stella bit savagely into the man's hand and rushed madly out of the school to join the joyful little bird. 4 These anecdotes establish the image of Stella as a young boy set apart from those around him. In the first he is an object of admiration, in the second, of violent attack, to which he responded "savagely"; in both cases he sees himself as alone, different, and surrounded.

Page iii Irma B. Jaffe Joseph Stella FORDHAM UNIVERSITY PRESS New York Page iv © Copyright 1970 by Irma Blumenthal Jaffe © Copyright 1988 by FORDHAM UNIVERSITY All rights reserved LC 71-82294 ISBN 0-8232-1218-1 First edition published 1970 by Harvard University Press Revised edition 1988 Printed in the United States of America Designed by David Ford Page v To my Mother, Yuonne, and Karin Page vii Contents Illustrations ix Preface xiii Preface to the Revised Edition xix I Introduction 1 II Growing Up in Muro Lucano, 18771895 5 III Young Artist in New York, 18961908 11 IV Return to Europe, 19091913 24 V Battle of Lights, 19131918 39 VI Brooklyn Bridge and the Industrial Scene, 19161919 49 VII New York Interpreted, 19201922 64 VIII Nature Lyrics and Junk Art, 19161922 81 IX Nudes and Madonnas, 19221929 93 X France, Italy, North Africa, 19291934 105 XI Paintings of the Last Years, 19351946 114 XII Conclusion 126 Appendix I.

The writings from which I quote, included as Appendix I, comprise approximately 80 percent of the sheets I found. The remaining pages, which contain material that is more or less repetitive, have been omitted. In translating Stella's text I have not always indicated missing passages or words, omitted usually because of illegibility but sometimes because the missing words and phrases are only elaborations or modifications of ideas and images already expressed. I have tried to suggest the long flowing line of the artist's Italian style, and the flavor of his speech as it is recollected today by those who knew him.

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