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By Evelyn Toynton

Jackson Pollock (1912–1956) not just placed American artwork at the map along with his recognized "drip paintings," he additionally served as an thought for the nature of Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire—the position that made Marlon Brando recognized. Like Brando, Pollock grew to become an icon of uprising in Nineteen Fifties the United States, and the brooding, defiant character captured in images of the artist contributed to his big name virtually up to his infamous work did. within the years considering his demise in a drunken automobile crash, Pollock's carry at the public mind's eye has in basic terms elevated. He has develop into a permanent image of the tormented artist—our American van Gogh.

In this hugely attractive ebook, Evelyn Toynton examines Pollock's itinerant and poverty-stricken formative years within the West, his encounters with modern paintings in Depression-era manhattan, and his years within the run-down big apple fishing village that, satirically, used to be reworked right into a trendy inn by means of his presence. putting the artist within the context of his time, Toynton additionally illuminates the fierce controversies that swirled round his paintings and that proceed to take action. Pollock's work captured the experience of freedom and limitless risk specified to the yankee event, and his existence used to be either an American rags-to-riches tale and a darker story of the cost paid for superstar, American kind.

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The sense of boundlessness, of infinite space, evocative of the skies and the landscapes of his childhood, would, after all, prove to have a profound influence on the paintings he would make in Springs. So Krasner was not entirely wrong in thinking that a move to the country would mean a new beginning, even if it did not provide a cure. The local bank, it transpired, would give them a mortgage if they could come up with a down payment of $2,000, a sum so unmanageably huge to people in their position that they should really have abandoned the idea there and then.

4 Pollock’s refusal to explain his art is surely not unconnected to his iconic status. As the English novelist Jenny Diski has written, “The true icon excites the curiosity without ever answering the questions it demands you ask. ”5 But his taciturnity extended beyond a reluctance to talk about his paintings. His distrust of words, or inability to summon them at will, was such that his Jungian analyst could not even get him to talk about his problems, which meant the analyst had no material to work with in their sessions.

Benton’s most lasting influence on Pollock may have been not on his art, but on his persona. A swaggering, hard-drinking figure, Benton was almost as well known for his use of profanity and his aggressively rude public pronouncements—especially about Modernists and Communists—as for his work. ”10 24 Chapter Two Whatever the nature of his influence, Benton was the first real mentor in Pollock’s life. Pollock spent almost as much time at the New York apartment of Benton and his wife, Rita, as at his own, eating Rita’s Italian cooking, helping her with the dishes, and telling stories of Wild West heroes to the Bentons’ young son.

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