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By D. P. O'Brien

This is often one of many first whole surveys of McCulloch's paintings, and it indicates his inspiration to were way more advanced and accomplished than has formerly been learned.

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J.R. McCulloch: A Study in Classical Economics

This is often one of many first whole surveys of McCulloch's paintings, and it exhibits his proposal to were way more advanced and entire than has formerly been learned.

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L V , No. C I X (April 1832), art. iii, pp. 43-61 - in the letters to Napier of February 22 and March 9,1832, A d d . Mss 34615, ff. 276, 292. See also Add. Mss 34615, f. 382, McCulloch to Napier, August 3, 1832, for an example of this in relation to Chalmers. McCulloch's article was, however, still strong enough to call forth a reply from Chalmers, The Supreme Importance of a Right Moral to a Right Economical State of the Community; With Observations on a Recent Criticism in the Edinburgh Review, 1832.

P. 163; diary entry for November 1, 1820. , p. 181; diary entry for November 14, 1820. Sienkiewicz also described McCulloch as 'middle-aged looking' (McCulloch was then thirty-one) and 'looking rather disagreeable'. « Thus Sienkiewicz wrote: ' M r McCulloch today asked the Zamojskis and myself to s u p p e r . . In spite of the fact that McCulloch taught us today about the harmful 45 J . R. 2 For the following year 1821-2 McCulloch again gave a class which he advertised3 but long before he had finished this second course he had decided to give public lectures rather than a private class alone.

McCulloch The Whigs, of course, also pamphleteered 1 but generally the Tories seem to have got the better of these exchanges if only because they turned out far more pamphlets. 4 The newspapers which attacked the Whigs included the Edinburgh Correspondent,5 and the Glasgow Sentinel which engaged in a running battle with the Scotsman and here as in so many other places the terms 'Scotsman' and 'McCulloch' were used more or less synonymously. But of all the attacks on McCulloch, none were so vicious or so well aimed as those appearing in Blackwood's Magazines He was featured in the series Noctes Ambrosianae8 either as 'the Scotsman' or more usually » One Whig play bill, which attacked Wilson, Blackwood, and others, in a manner worthy of even the latter's high standards was possibly by Sir James Stuart (who himself fought a duel to avenge a libel) since it contained an unusual phrase about * toad-eaters' which appeared again in a Courier editorial, fourteen years later, at a time when that paper was attacking Brougham.

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