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By A. Zichichi, R. Ragaini

The Erice foreign Seminars are multidisciplinary seminars attended by means of over a hundred eminent contributors from all fields of technology. every year, a couple of medical concerns are chosen and specialists are invited to give contrasting perspectives throughout the plenary multidisciplinary classes of the seminar, by means of common debates. those periods provide a special chance for experts to magnify their fields of imaginative and prescient through being faced with principles and recommendations from high-level scientists in complementary domain names of technology. linked workshops permit the specialists to extra refine and approach the guidelines evoked through the seminar.This year's themes are all presently of excessive relevance. for instance, on strength matters, we now have desirous about the way forward for worldwide nuclear energy. On international tracking of the planet, we've fascinated with the proliferation of nuclear guns and the Nuclear-Proliferation Treaty. On climatology, we've investigated the position of aerosols on international warming and their satellite tv for pc detection. On pollutants, the position of plastic contaminants in water used to be published via a chain of disquieting reviews.

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0 To meet energy development challenges, South Africa needs to optimally use all energy sources available and vigorously pursue energy efficient programmes World Electricity Market 0 World capacity in January 2002 was 3,465GW (-100 x Eskom) 0 World average growth of 3% per m u m since 1980 (equates to 600 PBMRs Per year) 0 MIT forecasts world demand to triple by 2050 Current world spending is about $100bn per year on new power stations 0 Fossil fuel costs have risen dramatically Environmental pressure is increasing Resurgence of Nuclear Energv Thirty nuclear plants are being built today in 12 countries around the world Green guru James Lovelock and Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore calls for “massive expansion” of nuclear to combat global warming (May 2004) George Bush signs energy bill and describes nuclear as one of the nation’s most important sources of energy (Aug 2005) U S .

Another example is “Nuclear Energy Park” where Natural Uranium or Thorium of [Leak) Input and Energy/Electricity, H y ~ o g e n , Heat as Output with Essentially No Waste outside the park. ” If very-very high 40% of Fuel, Natural or depleted Uranium, bum-up of fuel can be achieved cM-MEs Can be Utilized or Burnt-up without Reprocessing such as 40% of natural fissile material, enrichment and reprocessing of spent fuel would be less attractive. “CANDLE” is one of the ideas with ultra-long Conslant AnalShap dNeutron Flux, Nuclldo DmsLir and Pawar Shapa cycle of decades and no fuel During LR of Enirgy PrOduCIlon re-load.

This means that the world needs ,aOO about forty new nuclear reactors BM) every year by the end of this century t to provide energy to the world population and maintain atmospheric quality. GENERATION IV NUCLEAR ENERGY SYSTEMS To accommodate such a large number of nuelear plants in the world, innovative nuclear energy systems and institutions are inevitable. In 2000, the world’s leading nuclear countries decided to form the “Generation IV International Forum” to cooperate for R&D’s. The Generation IV International Forum, or GIF, was chartered in May 2001: 22 ~caj 0 23 - to lead the collaborative efforts of the world’s leading nuclear technology nations, - to develop the next generation’s nuclear energy systems to meet the world’s future energy needs.

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