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The batterer often emerges from a baltering home. The street criminal recidivist is shaped in the ghetto. This does not mean that poverty necessarily and invariably spawns crime, but it does mean that alcoholism, brutality, neglect, abuse, addiction, homelessness, and similar disabilities will dramatically shift the odds against a produclive life. A society has the obligation of nurturing its citizens, at least to the point where it becomes clear that wickedness has been freely chosen and that there have been other viable options.

Our frontier tradition of violent expansion and reliance on force, coupled with capitalism's aggressiveness and the disparities it produces, as well as the apologetics for violence offered by Western religions-an combine with a shifting value system, changing families and neighborhoods, and the dynamics of a polyglot, heterogeneaus population that has always loved guns, to fuel violence. Crime is a historical problem. Some will aver that we've always been a lawless people. They cite the excesses, in the name of religion, of Puritan America, culminating in witch hunts and floggings.

Each end of the swing has its moment in the sun, and each suffers its inevitable overload and breakdown. The shifting balance of power permitted by the flowing tides of democratic debate is probably the accidental genius behind the success of the Great American Experiment. lts polarizations, however, often preclude adopting the eclectic approach so clearly needed. THE CRIMINAL IS ORDINARY Our mental image of the street criminal is of a :monster, but the reality of the ordinariness and indistinguishability of the criminal would shock us.

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