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By Tim Freke

In this detailed and exhilarating publication, standup thinker Tim Freke shows you the way to be spiritually conscious within the perpetual now, whereas additionally passionately enticing with the journey of life. 

Tim stocks his personal impressive trip to the ecstasy of oneness and the bliss of massive love, inviting you to discover the “real international” of which means, miracles, and magic.

He bargains incredible insights and strong wake-up innovations, clarifies universal misunderstandings approximately what it's to be “spiritual,” and offers a rare new figuring out of demise and immortality.

Full of heat, laughter, tears, power, and elegance, this e-book is a wide ranging tour de strength that may help you take pleasure in the secret of the instant and revel in the time of your life.




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But I can see that no one’s really got a clue as to what’s going on. Most people just go along with whatever ideas are currently in vogue, whether they’re about makeup, music, or the nature of reality. Something inside of me rages against their inane, unquestioning, “commonsense” approach to life. I refuse to believe that my purpose in this extravagant universe could be to climb a career ladder, buy a house, and get a pension plan. Life is too important to waste just making money and acquiring things.

We want to hold on to something because we associate not being certain about things with feeling confused and anxious. But dissolving into the mystery is actually an experience of ecstatic liberation, not worried perplexity. It can be terrifying when we hover nervously on the outskirts of the mystery, but when we unconditionally let go into the mystery, there’s nothing to fear. When we finally recognize that we truly know nothing, there is an exhilarating feeling of freedom and an overwhelming sense of wonder.

We need something fresh to take us over the new edge. In particular, I don’t like it when traditional forms of spirituality present the deep awake state as the preserve of an “enlightened” elite, because it seems to me it’s a natural state available to all. It’s not a “spiritual Oscar” awarded to those fanatically devoted to intense practices. Indeed, the whole idea of spiritual “discipline” makes waking up sound about as much fun as going to the dentist. I also have problems with any puritanical rejection of sexuality, intoxication, and pleasure in general.

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