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By Elizabeth Jennings

Homecoming by means of Elizabeth Jennings Frederica is overstressed, overworked and underpaid. She lands in idyllic Carson's Bluff unwell after 8 weeks at the highway. The high-flyer is compelled to stay with regards to Carson's Bluff - and its mayor and sheriff, Jack Sutter - whereas she recovers. lifestyles is good and enjoyable in Carson's Bluff and its voters are looking to maintain it that approach. After every week within the city, and per week in Jack's corporation, so does Frederica. A heartless multinational conglomerate is operating to wipe out the secure lifestyle in Carson's Bluff. Pity the conglomerate is owned through Frederica's uncle. Pity she's the individual spearheading the crusade to tak over the city. Pity her adversary is Jack Sutter. Frederica enters right into a high-stakes online game of likelihood opposed to her uncle to maintain Carson's Bluff's lifestyle - and her personal happiness.

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Federica sucked in an indignant breath. “I thought I’d have a heart attack. ” Lilly sounded annoyed. “And a lazy, shiftless, voracious one at that. Which is why the menfolk love him so much. They identify with him. ” “Come on, Lil. Have a heart. Cavendish looked so lonely in there. ” Norman held out his hand and Cavendish flowed smoothly from Jack’s neck to Norman’s shoulder. Three men and a mongoose looked at Lilly and Federica with three innocent expressions and a crafty one. ” Lilly turned in disgust and took Federica by the arm.

That’s enough. It was pointless getting maudlin. She was here for a purpose. The fact that the purpose was to earn her uncle even more money than he already had didn’t make her feel any better. She wasn’t here to mull over her empty life, she was here to— A bell rang distantly. ” Lilly was wrestling with a recalcitrant steak. ” “Sure, Lilly,” Federica smiled. “That was the oven. The potato casserole is cooked. Would you bring it out here? ” Federica walked to the kitchen door. Jack’s eyes followed her every step of the way.

Jack shouted, as he walked around the van and opened the passenger door, helping her out of the vehicle. He opened the gate latch, then walked over to the kennel door. He had barely unlocked it when two German shepherds nosed the door open and jumped him, wriggling with delight and vying to lick his face. Jack laughed. He knelt and hugged the squirming dogs, trying to avoid two wet tongues. He looked up at her, his arms full of dog. “Sorry about that. ” Federica watched him wrestle with the dogs, then was distracted by a litter of kittens emerging from under the door stoop.

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