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Tips on how to lease the simplest with self assurance and potency, despite your adventure, with this simple to exploit and greatly appropriate book.'

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That would be fine except for the fact that you've written on it in black felt pen, "seems nice enough, but ugly suit and bad haircut"! Remember, it is, after all, the applicant's resume, and he or she may ask to see it or have it back at any time. OK, now that we're clear on that aspect of things... you still have the pile of resumes in front of you to deal with. This is going to take some time, so get yourself a glass of water, a comfortable chair, and your reading glasses. " Double check your choices the next day, but once you are in "resume frame of mind," try to stay there until the screening task is complete.

Page 19 Chapter 2 From Paper to People The trouble with unemployment is that the minute you wake up in the morning you're on the job. Slappy White Here we are, phase two. What may have seemed like endless groundwork doing a needs analysis is now completed and you have a solid grasp of your organization, its goals, and your staffing needs. Now what?! Well, once again, it's time to consider your options and what best meets your company's needs. You may now choose to obtain the services of a headhunter, executive search firm, or recruiting agency to do your staffing, or you may complete the hiring process yourself.

Burns President, Shell Oil Company Let's take a minute to regroup. Check your progress against the following checklist. You have evaluated your organization's current position in the market and know where you want your company to be in one, two, five years decided you require an additional employee to assist you in your growth spoken to the position supervisor to determine what he or she feels is essential to the position discussed the position with those who will be peers Of the new employee, discovered their strengths and weaknesses, and decided how a new person would best complement them surveyed customers and stakeholders of your company to assess what qualities they think are necessary in a successful candidate closely considered what role and responsibilities a new employee would take on to help take your company in the direction you want it to go If you have considered all these things your needs analysis is moving along quite nicely: just remember at this point to continue to think globally.

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