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Exhibition catalog. chosen chronological bibliography. good illustrated

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Henry Moore in America

Exhibition catalog. chosen chronological bibliography. good illustrated

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A sculp- of the stone in the 300 pounds but agreed thinking of moving to America. think that and in architecture, to give y(ju the sculpture am to exactly a commission for a certain — about the cost of the stone. Then I new house and wanted me was then doing. The depression was so bad I period, in the selling of that a he asked whether Not ture that he could put there. ' if Which I did. , who was the buyer for the Contemporary Art Society that year, bought before the war broke out to be represented in the Rediiiiir^^ Figure.

The sculptor is un- having been bombed out of two Moore's sculptures, when he makes them, and we see them, will not necessarily follow these projects but they will be of the moment. For he is making If here's a a dent man who upon interprets immediacy. , and Museum of Modern Art guiding spirit garden. who Alfred Barr in > ""SB ing. Barr was Europe in number for a A of months. curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum took the fledgling American museum director to visit the up-and-coming English sculptor at this Hamp- stead studio-home.

Once more K. Clark recommended to Alfred Barr that The Museum of Modern Art ought to buy it. But again, all those war difficulties and then, the largest sculpture the fact that people couldn't get over here to actually see the made them decide not to purchase it. But it did get to America with Gordon Onslow-Ford who bought it for 300 pounds which paid for ever the deposit on this house. And that's why we have been here to pay for this since, because that was the tenth of what we were going house in its original state.

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