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By Donald W. Miller

This booklet provides my own reflections at the nature of existence. I supply right here my perspectives on intercourse, dying, love, God, and the significance of song, and paintings regularly. This booklet may be of specific curiosity to scholars of Schopenhauer and Woody Allen lovers.

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They write: Nowadays as much as in the years [in Vienna] before 1914, political dishonesty and deviousness quickly find expression in debased language, which blunts the sensitivity of the political agent himself to the character of his own actions and policies. 7 Deception and pretense are fairly modern concepts. While deception has been practiced by humans—and other species of living things as well—for thousands of years, as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey attest, the “concept” of deception coupled with a new sensitivity to human deceit was first brought into clear focus by Machiavelli 500 years ago and then by Shakespeare.

As a consequence of this new evolutionary development, Australopithecine females became sexually receptive on a more or less continuous basis. And the males in this species, like men today, were obliged to stay with a favorite female for extended periods of time in order to impregnate her. Concealed ovulation, so the experts tell us, led to pair bonding. Such a relationship benefited the female because the male stayed around to help provide protection and nourishment for her and their progeny. These benefits were important because the children of these ancestors, like our children today, required a prolonged period of childrearing, twice that of chimpanzees.

There is a gradually diminishing responsiveness, or sensitivity, to the effect of the drug, or activity. ” Examples of these two types of tolerance are seen in alcoholics and cocaine users respectively. An alcoholic may have to consume three times as much alcohol to get the same intoxicating effect that he obtained when he first started drinking. A cocaine user winds up snorting more of it, or begins smoking or even injecting it, in order to achieve an ever more intense and euphoric high. Dependence means that a person feels compelled to take a particular drug—or engage in potentially addictive activities like gambling, “womanizing,” or long distance running—even when it begins to produce less and less pleasure and brings on adverse consequences.

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